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Imperial College Advanced Hackspace (ICAH)

Stadium House 

68 Wood Lane 


W12 7TA​​

For growing life

About Us

We are a team of scientists and engineers who believe that the single most powerful way to reduce climate change is cutting our consumption of meat.


We are developing a cheap, animal-free and sustainable culture media that will accelerate our fight against climate change & can be used to grow mammalian cells in research settings too.


Clean & Sustainable

Our culture medium is based on genetically engineered yeast that produces mammalian cell growth factors for us.


This means we don't have to slaughter pregnant cows to extract our growth factors from, reducing our climate impact to near zero and keeping our medium animal-free.

Perfect for the clean meat industry.


Our mammalian cell culture medium will not use expensive growth factors from low supply foetal blood or use pricey animal-free alternatives.

It will be completely synthetic, produced in high yields in cheap yeast.

That's more grant money for research.


Clean Meat 

Livestock contributes to 15% of all greenhouse gases produced globally. That's more than the entire transportation sector combined.

Clean meat has the capacity to reduce this number significantly, will remain expensive (>$1000 per burger) until the mammalian culture medium used is reduced in cost.

This is why it has been our mission from the start to reduce this cost and through our culture medium, we will reduce clean meat prices to just $15 per burger and through that cut global greenhouse gas production significantly.