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Imperial College Advanced Hackspace (ICAH)

Stadium House 

68 Wood Lane 


W12 7TA​​

Our Mission

Our multicultural, diverse team is united by our core values: environmental sustainability, ethical awareness, and willingness to innovate. We decided to apply ourselves to solving two major challenges concerning the growth media that cultivated meat companies depend on: the use of cheaper animal-based products, and the high costs of production for non-animal-based alternatives.


To elaborate, current growth media on the market often make use of animal-based serums (ABS) to supply their growth factor proteins that support cell growth. It should be noted that cultivated meat companies have attempted to address this issue by introducing medical or research grade growth factors into their media, reducing the need for ABS. However, this approach comes with the caveat of being an expensive process.


Conceptually, our solution is straightforward; we are developing engineered yeast strains that can produce optimised food-grade growth factors at a competitive price-point and scale. Having been in close contact with our potential customers, we are confident that our solution can meet their needs as well as address the ethical issues and cost-related problems present in the conventional growth media industry. Thus, our technology will facilitate an improved cultivated meat industry which can surpass and improve on the pitfalls of conventional meat agriculture.


At present, our team has secured funding and lab-space to develop a food-grade media component specific to the cultivated meat industry, which evidently would benefit greatly from escaping from its reliance on animal products.


For the future, we are working towards becoming an established business within the cultivated meat industry, and developing a product range that will cater to the greater variety of needs in this industry.


by the Multus Media team

December 2019